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  2. Differences and advantages between wireless remote controller and wireless remote controller of crown block

    As its name implies, the "overhead crane" is a car that walks in the air. The crown block is also called travelling crane or crane, which all refer to hoists in the workshop.


    The characteristic lies in that the transport track is on both sides of the top of the workshop. The main part is the main girder across the tracks on both sides and the hook for suspending heavy objects. Therefore, the corresponding crown block wireless remote controller is also called travelling crane wireless remote controller and crane wireless remote controller; Industrial remote controller, wireless remote controller and industrial wireless remote control are the common names of remote controller in industry.

    Wireless means there is no line connection for transmission. The crown block wireless remote controller transmits signals in the form of radio waves. The crown block wireless remote controller is composed of the transmitter part and the receiver part of the wireless remote controller of the crown block. The telecommunication distance of crown block wireless remote controller is usually 100 meters, and the characteristic of radio wave transmission is that the wavelength is longer, and obstacles basically have little effect on it. As long as there is a little gap, it can bypass obstacles, ensuring the effectiveness of its communication. Just like the principle of radio wireless signal transmission, the signal transmission is not influenced by environment, no matter in an open environment or a closed environment.


    The crown block wireless remote controller is mostly being used in single-girder and is basically popular for single-speed crown block, and the remote controller for single-girder and double-speed crown block, double-girder and single-speed crown block and double-girder double-speed crown block (travelling crane or crane) at present.


    The usage of crown block wireless remote controller mainly brings convenience for workers, ensuring their safety and improving work efficiency. As far as the cost of the enterprise is concerned, it can save the cost of frequent replacement of the original control cable handle and the labor fees and trouble caused by it. The investment in driver for those crown block needed to be operated by people can be saved by improvement of remote controller! At present, the remote controlling modification of crown block is becoming increasingly popular due to saving manpower, convenience to use, improved life safety factor and distance from dangerous environments.

    Shanghai Techwell Automation Technology Co., Ltd. started making its way into industrial wireless communication in 2002, and registered in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai in 2005.  The company has strong technical strength, and more than 80% of employees are doctors, undergraduates, and junior college students. It has been focusing on the research and practice in the field of industrial wireless communication and control for a long time, and has so far obtained a number of patents and technical achievements in inventions, utility models, and appearances.

    Relying on professionalism and mature and stable technology, Techwell's products have achieved great success and widespread popularity in the field of industrial wireless remote control. In many industries such as construction machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, military industry, environmental protection, mining, agricultural machinery, logistics, chemical industry, etc., it has tailored more than one thousand products and projects for customers, almost meeting all the individual needs of customers.

    Especially the self-developed concrete pump truck remote controller, which is suitable for pump trucks of any brands such as Sany, Zoomlion, Telecrane, SCHWING and Far East. It has excellent performance and reliable quality. After long-term use by a large number of customers, it has been fully trusted.

    We are good at the development and application of industrial control systems, and we have applied a lot of bus technologies such as can, RS232/485, profibus and modbus in technical practice. Combining various cutting-edge technologies such as two-way communication and networking has solved many problems in the field of modern cybernetics. We believe that our products and services will bring customers more satisfactory results and more surprises.

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